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Consulting Doctors

Dr. Alexander Tarakanov MD, PhD, Professor

Dr. Tarakanov is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of clinical pharmacology, head of emergency department in Rostov Medical University (Russia), head of clinical trials and biological testing department in RITM OKB ZAO, member of the Academy of Medical Technological Science of the Russian Federation. Since 1999 he devoted himself to SCENAR therapy. Since 2003 to the present day Alexander Tarakanov is the curator of scientific programs for the majority of scientific and practical conferences on SCENAR therapy in Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain (island of Malyork), Holland, Turkey, Australia. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers, 7 inventions, the author and the co-author of more than 20 guidelines.

Dr. Yury Perfiliev, MD

Dr. Perfiliev is a pediatrician, Candidate of Medical Science and Assistant Professor at Rostov State Medical University (RSMU). He has 15 years" experience working with SCENAR as well as conducting scientific researches. The results of his work prove the effectiveness of SCENAR in treating various disorders with significant improvement of the patients’ state. As a speaker for the European conference on SCENAR therapy.

Dr. Irina Ershova, MD

Dr. Ershova is specializing in physiotherapy, reflex therapy, roentgenology; she is a SCENAR therapist and RITM OKB ZAO certified trainer. Mrs. Ershova devoted herself to SCENAR-therapy about 15 years ago, and since then she has helped hundreds of her patients. Several years ago she moved to Moscow and established a SCENAR center.

Dr. Iosif Semikatov, MD

Dr. Semikatov is a doctor specializing in cardiology, emergency medicine, general care, SCENAR therapy. He is RITM OKB ZAO Certified trainer and one of the leading Russian SCENAR Therapists with over twenty years of experience as a family doctor, cardiologist and intensivist (medical specialist in critical care medicine).

Since 1995, he has gained a great deal of practical experience and impressive results of SCENAR therapy applications. Not only is he a Master of SCENAR therapy, but he is also an accomplished SCENAR instructor who brings an entertaining as well as practical approach to his classes.

 Dr. Boris Kulizhskiy

Dr. Kulizhskiy is a Physiologist, psychologist, SCENAR therapist. He has been working as a medical researcher of OKB RITM since the year 1998. Scientific referent of Deutchen Gesellshaft für Adaptive Terapien e.V. He started applying SCENAR in 1996 working at the emergency ambulance. In 1998 he was invited to work at OKB RITM by Yury Gorfinkel as medical researcher. He participated in the development of SCENAR devices. He was also engaged in methodological maintenance of SCENAR Expert devices. He is a co-author of user’s manual to SCENAR devices. He conducted researches on the electrophysiology of SCENAR. He has written academic papers. He is a co-author of the training method of physiotherapists of DeGAT e.V.

Dr. Vladimir Lopatko, MD

Dr. Lopatko is a neurologist, doctor of highest category specializing in emergency medical service. He devoted himself to SCENAR therapy in 1995. Since 1997, he teaches SCENAR-therapy training courses and seminars. He worked in SCENAR center named after Y.V. Gorfinkel and LOC SCENAR center in Ekaterinburg. He is the author of two training courses: "Syndromic approach in SCENAR medicine as a criterion of the SCENAR application algorithm choice" and "Chronic dorsalgia treatment".

Dr. Constantin Nikitin, MD

Dr. Nikitin is a doctor of highest category, specializing in phlebology, psychoneurology, SCENAR-therapy. He devoted himself to SCENAR-therapy in 1998. He is the founder of Center of Intellectual Medical Technologies in Tomsk, Russia, and Medical Center "Lotus" in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He spoke at 12 conferences, 5 of them are international. As a certified SCENAR trainer he educated 58 medical doctors in SCENAR therapy. He successfully treats infertility, autoimmune thyroadenitis (catamnesis to 10 years), obliterating endarteritis, intervertebral disk herniation, Parkinsonism, purulent osteomyelitis. As a practicing SCENAR-therapist he treated more than 5000 patients, 40% of them are children.

Dr. Victor Zadyorin, MD, Professor

Dr. Zadyorin is an Oncologist, Urologist, Professor of Rostov Research Institute of Oncology. Works with SCENAR for more than 10 years and has big experience of acute and chronic pain management of oncologic and urologic patients. Practically approved the anti-inflammatory and detoxicative effects of SCENAR therapy on oncologic patients.

Dr. Tatiana Borovets, MD

Dr. Borovets is a doctor of highest category in Neurology. About 30 years worked as the Head of Neurology Department of Bataysk City Hospital. Has more than 20 years of experience of applying SCENAR in her practice. Was the first who used craniotherapy technique with SCENAR.

Dr. Tatiana Shepeleva, MD

Dr. Shepeleva is a doctor of highest category in Obstetrics and Gynecology, one of the doctors of Rostov City Emergency Care Hospital.

Dr. Irina Kholmogorova, MD

Dr. Kholmogorova is a Candidate of Medical Sciences, Gynecologist, a doctor of highest category in Reflexotherapy, working at the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Clinical Hospital named after N.A. Semashko.

Dr. Peter Shamarakov, MD

Dr. Shamarakov is a pediatrist, former Head of Children Infection Department of Novocherkassk City Hospital. Became a SCENAR therapist in 1993.

Dr. Sergei Biruykov, MD

Dr. Biruykov is a doctor of highest category in functional diagnostics and physiotherapy, working at in Stavropol Regional Clinical Diagnostic Center.

Dr. Roman Fadeev, MD

Dr. Fadeev is a Professor, Orthodontist, Orthopedist, Chairman of the Scientific Medical Society of Dentists.




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The official website of the manufacturer - RITM OKB ZAO