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Pain management remains one of the most actual and complex problems of the modern medicine.

The physiological purpose of pain is to warn us about an injury or a pathological process. It draws body’s attention to a necessity of taking some actions. Modern medicine can offer drugs and medications that can suppress pain perception. However, this results in the loss of the physiological meaning of pain and contradicts the biological mechanism.

The optimal way of pain treatment without strong drugs exists! This is SCENAR therapy.

The anti-pain effect of SCENAR is systemic. Device application stimulates the release of endorphins and many other neuropeptides (i.e. neurotension, cholecystokinin). Collectively, these substances regulate not only the systems responsible for pain perception, but also many other body systems. Pain is being relieved to the level necessary for the body restoration.

SCENAR is a medical class IIa device certified in 36 countries of the world: United States (FDA), European Union (CE), Israel, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Russia, etc.

Why trust SCENAR?

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Our Product Range - RITMSCENAR devices and ULM Energy Blankets and Accessories


SCENAR Personal Devices

RITMSCENAR Personal device aredesigned for home users to managetheir pain and to speed up therecovery process from acute andchronic pain, sport injury and postoperative pain.

SCENAR Professional devices

The SCENAR Professional devices are multifunctional and powerful tools, designed for medical and allied healthThe SCENAR® Professional devices are multifunctional and powerful tools, designed for medical and allied healthpractitioners. They are intended to be used as an analgesic peripheral nerve stimulator to be placed on the skin totreat the pain of various etiologies.



SCENAR devices can be used with theSCENAR devices can be used with thewide variety of the add-on electrodes,which makes the SCENAR treatmenteven more convenient and efficient.
The electrodes are good in hard-to-reach areas or for specific applications: on hairy zones, eyes, acupuncturepoints, mouth cavity, face etc.

ULM Healing Blanket

The ULM Blanket is a non-invasive and effective way ofThe ULM Blanket is a non-invasive and effective way ofprotecting the body from external EMF and RF radiationemmitted by different appliances and technologies. At thesame time the ULM Blanket reflects user’s ownelectromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremelyhigh frequency ranges, thus normalising energy exchangeand improving recovery capability of the body.


Why is SCENAR more efficient, than other methods?

Why is SCENAR more efficient, than other methods?

The main advantage of SCENAR is that its impulse is bio-variable. Responding to the skin reaction, it automatically “adjusts” the parameters for the most efficient treatment – SCENAR impulse is physiological:

1) SCENAR does not damage tissues, because it does not heat them, or make them do the unnatural “work”;
2) SCENAR combines the benefits of many methods of physiotherapy, such as darsonvalization, miostimulation, diadynamic currents and even ultrasound;
3) SCENAR has minimum contraindications;
4) SCENAR has a significant anti-pain, effect.

We answer your questions

What does SCENAR treat?

The list of diseases, which can be treated by our device occupies about two pages. Among them: traumas, injuries, fractures, burns, various articular and musculoskeletal system diseases, gynecology, infertility, cosmetological problems, recovery after surgical operations, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems diseases, gastroenterology and many others. 
At the same time SCENAR is not a magic wound and cannot treat all the diseases. Thus, our device can significantly alleviate a patient’s condition in case of cancer and improve the way he feels, but it does not cure the disease itself.

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Please note! RITM OKB ZAO company (Taganrog, Russia) is the ONLY manufacturer of SCENAR devices and the right holder of СКЭНАР/SCENAR and РИТМСКЭНАР/RITMSCENAR trademarks in Russia and more than 30 countries. The respective trademark certificates prove the exclusive rights of RITM OKB ZAO. Moreover, the company holds the invention patents, which prove the exclusive rights for SCENAR devices’ technical solutions. Click here for more details.