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Dear Friends,

We are proud to present you the anniversary issue of the “We gave SCENAR to the world” magazine!  

The company is now 35 years in business! We have never lost our interest and we believe that learning about SCENAR will be interesting and useful for everyone who seeks the way to restore and preserve the most important – their health, comfort, and the joy of life.


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What do we speak about?

          We reveal the details:
        - How the SCENAR was born, and who are they – the Founding Fathers of SCENAR;    
        - What the modern SCENAR device is like;
        - How to prevent an emergency situation caused by human factor and why STABILAN can help with this;  
        - Cloth that treats! Clinically confirmed;  
        - Is it possible to measure the “head noises” and how we learned to do so; 
        - The unique experience of applying SCENAR by leading practitioners;
        - Hi-tech at home.

Moreover, we attempted to shortly and brightly tell about the real history of the company. To share what we know ourselves, and what is RITM OKB’s daily life alike. We tried to look at our achievements from the leading developers’ point of view. All of that – and even more! – you can find in “We gave SCENAR to the world” magazine.