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Personal Use SCENAR

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Professional SCENAR


Add-on electrodes


RITM-ULM Devices

Professional SCENARs

Professional SCENAR devices are light-weight, portable and easy to use which deliver a non-invasive, interactive electrical stimulation via the patient’s skin. It is intended to be used as an analgesic peripheral nerve stimulator for treatment of pain associated with a broad range of medical conditions. The SCENAR Professional device range is designed for medical and allied health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Veterinarians, Nurses, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Practitioners, Podiatrists, Massage, Sports Therapists and others to complement their practices with an effective and sustainable pain management tool.

Benefits for professional medical practice:

  • SCENAR is small, hand-held device that requires no calibration, consumables or special maintenance.
  • The treatment is non-invasive, painless and comfortable for patients.
  • SCENAR technology is proven to provide effective pain relief and faster recovery times. SCENAR can be particularly effective on certain chronic conditions where other treatments have failed.
  • Few contraindications: patients with pacemaker, pregnancy, serious mental diseases.
  • Enhanced results from SCENAR Therapy can lead to increased patient referrals
  • Compatible with other therapies

SCENAR is a new technology in medicine.


CHANS-SCENAR devices for home use are designed for a wide range of consumers. They are reliable, easy to use and affordable. Everyone can learn how to use them.

Add-on electrodes

Remote electrodes are produced separately and connected to the SCENAR devices through special ports. Designed for application in hard-to-reach areas and for specific treatment objectives.

RITM-ULM devices

RITM-ULM Healing assisting compound blanket and Modifications is a non-invasive and effective way of protecting the body from external EMF and RF radiation emitted by different appliances and technologies. At the same time the ULM Blanket reflects user’s own electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremely high frequency ranges, thus normalising energy exchange and improving recovery capability of the body.

Due to high efficiency, usability and safety RITM-ULM products help to regulate psycho-emotional disorders, to improve sleep, to increase resistance to stress, to relieve muscle tension.