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Fake alert!

SCENAR is safe!

RITM OKB ZAO’s developers created more than 40 modifications of SCENAR. The technology is constantly developing, providing an effective treatment to patients. For several decades of SCENAR history there were no a single case of negative effect on patient registered.

SCENAR is efficient!

SCENAR is certified as a medical device in more than 30 countries and is successfully distributed on the market. The effectiveness of the device is proven by years of medical practice of certain doctors and clinical investigations of major scientific institutes, medical academies, and other medical institutions in Russia and other countries.

SCENAR devices are Class IIa medical devices, which cannot be marketed in these or that country without proper certification procedure. RITM OKB ZAO as a manufacturer undergoes annual audits for the QMS compliance for CE compliance and others. All the medical devices which are distributed in this or that country have to be certified (in the EU territory have to be CE certified, the US - FDA cleared, Canada - certified with Health Canada, Mexico - registered with Cofepris, Australia - certified with TGA, etc.)

Please note, that only the products purchased through the official RITM OKB ZAO distributors and representatives are properly cleared for the EU, US, Canadian, Australian, Mexican and other markets and have all the necessary certificates and documentation, as well as the English interface, Operating Manual and User’s Instructions in English and compliant to the local requirements.

Our lawyers regularly monitor the e-shops and other sources and eliminate the illegal sales. Also, we keep our distributors and customers informed re the danger of purchasing illegal devices from eBay (or any other e-shops or websites) or from the non-authorised distributors.

Buyer beware!

If you are looking for a SCENAR and see a variety of options from private sellers on eBay, Alibaba, Amazon or elsewhere, please note:
 •         Many of these units are fake and may not be genuine SCENAR devices;
 •         Such devices are usually not properly cleared for the EU (as well as the US, Canadian, Australian, Mexican etc.) market and do not have all the necessary certificates and documentation, as well as the English interface, Operating Manual, and User’s Instructions;
 •         It is a good chance the purchased second-hand SCENAR unit is not working properly;
 •         WE DO NOT offer any service, training (live, webinars, video materials), or support to the SCENAR devices purchased not through official channels;
 •         Neither the manufacturer nor official SCENAR representatives are responsible for any of the SCENAR devices purchased not from our authorized distributors;
 •         Only genuine RITMSCENARs with registered SN and purchased from the authorized distributors carry the original two years warranty.

Before investing your money into purchase of a device, which is envisaged as SCENAR, make sure that:

  • The device is manufactured by the Russian company RITM OKB ZAO (Taganrog). RITM OKB ZAO is not only a developer and manufacturer of SCENAR devices, but THE ONLY right holder of the trademark (СКЭНАР\SCENAR); 
  • Operating manual, Instruction for use and warranty card, approved by the manufacturer (RITM OKB ZAO) are included into device package; 
  • You are purchasing SCENAR from the official RITM OKB ZAO distributor, or in the pharmacy shop. The list of official RITM OKB ZAO representatives and distributors can be here.

RITM OKB ZAO as the manufacturing company of SCENAR medical devices IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any possible harm caused by using any other electric therapeutic devices. 
RITM OKB ZAO does not have warranty liabilities and does not service devices (with similar marketing name) purchased from other manufacturers.

Have any doubts about the authenticity of the SCENAR device you purchased?

Contact us directly to get the information about your device.