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What does SCENAR treat?

The list of diseases, which can be treated by our device occupies about two pages. Among them: traumas, injuries, fractures, burns, various articular and musculoskeletal system diseases, gynecology, infertility, cosmetological problems, recovery after surgical operations, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems diseases, gastroenterology and many others. 
At the same time SCENAR is not a magic wound and cannot treat all the diseases. Thus, our device can significantly alleviate a patient’s condition in case of cancer and improve the way he feels, but it does not cure the disease itself.

How do I purchase a SCENAR device?

If you are located outside Russia, please see the information about our representatives in different countries in the "Contacts" section, or email our foreign affairs department at .

Why do SCENAR devices cost so much?

It is a superficial dearness. In fact CHANS devices for home use are quite affordable. Buying them is rather fast offset not only by improvement of health, but mostly by saving money on expensive pharmaceutical products, the effect of which does not always correspond to their price. Moreover, using these products is very often harmful for innards and has many side-effects. There are no such effects while using SCENAR. 
Professional devices are much more expensive because they have a significantly larger amount of special functions. They are intended for professional physicians, though being properly trained anyone can use them. However, buying these devices is also fast offset because if you use these devices correctly they can cure many diseases.

What does efficiency depend on?

It depends on several factors. Type of the device, age of a patient, competence of the operator, nature of the disease and individual constitutional peculiarities. Child’s body reacts quicker than the senjor’s body. Acute pain goes off during the first treatment session, chronic diseases are healed for a much longer time and require participation or consultation of a SCENAR therapist. 
The principle of the SCENAR signal impact is the same in all the modifications of the device. When you use the method correctly the healing effect usually becomes apparent during the first treatment session. While treating chronic diseases the effect shows up after several sessions or at the end of the treatment. Sometimes there is no visible effect after several sessions and suddenly there comes an improvement. Frequently we observe quick recoveries. Such cases are called SCENAR miracles. Everyone who works with our device for a long time has his own SCENAR miracle. Sometimes a patient treating one disease heals another one at the same time.

What are the biomodes in SCENAR device, and how do they work?

Currently, in the internal Russian market, there is only one model of the SCENAR-1-NT series - RITMSCENAR Super Pro professional device - having the biomodes.

Speaking of the export market, the mode of double biologically controlled feedback that allows the device to automatically adjust the necessary treatment parameters for acute states is present both in professional and personal SCENAR devices.

Every SCENAR device is tuned in a particular way (RITM OKB ZAO know-how), which increases the variability of the signal. Thus, the habituation to the signal does not develop during treatment.

In 2015 we registered the new world patent “Bio”, which, besides the signal variability, includes the automatic change of frequency, number of pulses in a batch, and a gap between impulses, depending on the changes in the skin capacitive impedance.

The device automatically chooses the values of the necessary parameter according to the patient’s state, which makes it much easier for the user. The double biologically controlled feedback mode allows quickly obtaining a strong treatment effect.

Is it true that SCENAR can renew youth?

It depends on what you understand by youth. If a 50 year old woman wants to become 15 year old girl than that is unlikely to happen. But if she wants to look younger, to regain femininity, to restore the lost reproductive ability, or if a man wants to win back women’s favour, vitality and sexual activity, than SCENAR will help them a lot. There is also a well-established SCENAR cosmetology method which allows to rejuvenate one’s face and skin. We develop a special cosmetological model of the device which automatically will be more effective in this sphere than usual models.

Which clinical trials did the device pass, where and when were they conducted?

If you are willing and patient enough to read the list of medical institutions where clinical trials of SCENAR were conducted, then here it is:

1. PK Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.
2. N.N. Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.
3. N.N. Priorov Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, USSR Ministry of Public Health.
4. Reflexotherapy Research Institute, USSR Ministry of Public Health’s.
5. Central Military Scientific Aviation Hospital, Ministry of Defense of the USSR.
6. Research Institute of Pediatrics andPediatric Surgery, Public Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.
7. 1997 N.N. Priorov Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, USSR Ministry of Public Health.
8. 1997 Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry.
9. Scientific practical centre of traditional medicine and homeopathy, Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation.
10. I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy.
11. Federal scientific clinical experimental centre of traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment, Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation.
12. Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry.
13. Russian medical academy of postgraduate education.
14. Department of emergency medical services with a course of military and extreme medicine of the Faculty of Continuing Medical Education of the Rostov State Medical University.
15. Fundamental research laboratory of physical diagnostic techniques and treatment of Rostov State Medical University.
16. Department of neurology and physiotherapy of Federal State Budgetary Medical Institution, Saint Petersburg Clinical Hospital, Russian Academy of Sciences.
Clinical trials of the SCENAR device have started in 1988 and go on up to present day.

How is device used in cosmetology?

Cosmetological effect is usually concurrent,it usually appears while treating other diseases with SCENAR device. Meanwhile we developed a method for using SCENAR device in cosmetology. The whole point is that the skin of neck and face are treated in special mode along the massage lines. The achieved effect is stable for a long period of time and the skin does not get used to the SCENAR impact. 
Special model of the SCENAR device with preset cosmetological modes is in the planning stage.

How can SCENAR be useful for me?
  1. You can use it instead of first-aid kit or alongside with it. The device alleviates painful conditions in cases of acute traumas, injuries, burns, headaches, sudden deterioration of health. It is indispensible when you go to picnics, at the oncoming of catarrhal disease season and in everyday life. 
    2. If you or your relatives suffer from chronic diseases, very severe and very old ones, SCENAR will alleviate the painful condition of the patient. 
    3. If you are a sportsman and constantly under the stress loads, the device will help you to overcome them and to treat inevitable sports traumas. 
    4. If you want to be well-groomed we developed methods that will help you to look after your appearance.
Do SCENAR devices have contraindications?

Yes, they have. Here they are:
1. SCENAR must not be used for treating patients, who have implanted electric cardiac pacemaker and other electric devices (insulin pumps, cochlear hearing endoprostheses etc.). The fear is that they may malfunction while operating or even fail.
2. People under the influence of alcohol must not use SCENAR for self-treatment, because perception of energy level and impact duration of the device are not perceived correctly in that state.
3. SCENAR shall not be used for treating people with an evident idiosyncrasy to electric stimulation (very infrequent).
SCENAR shall not be used at acute infectious diseases with unclarified diagnosis.
It is important to point out that the majority of the mentioned restrictions is explained by the lack of necessary researches.

What is a biofeedback?

In our case it is an effect, which appears during every SCENAR treatment session. The design allows the device to «feel» the body`s feedback to SCENAR impulse. On the basis of this feedback the device automatically adjusts the parameters of the impulse and ‘finds’ the zones, that require particular attention of the operator. That means the body itself «shows» the operator which zones need special treatment. Thus, there is a three-side connection at the SCENAR treating session: patient — device — operator. As a result the effectiveness of each session increases sufficiently.

What do you think about the possible desire of user to buy an analog device?

Why buy analogs? We have already been through all those mistakes our competitors are currently making. Besides, the original is always better than copy, this is an old engineering truth, proven by time.
The vast majority of creators of SCENAR analogs came from our network. They were either our distributors, or received training in our schools, or, which is even more often, both. Some of them bought our old patents, created some analogs on their base and declared themselves the leaders in electric impulse therapy. Some decided that they managed to create a resemblance of SCENAR without our patents. But all of them, without exception, use the methods of SCENAR therapy, often simplified and primitive. They say that SCENAR is a complex device and SCENAR therapy has complicated methods. But SCENAR and SCENAR therapy were mutually developing parallel to each other, they are inseparably connected. The method had been developing and new SCENAR device was created to improve it. The creation of new SCENAR model was opening new possibilities of SCENAR therapy development and this process continues up to this moment. We are glad that our method is getting more popular, but we never compared SCENAR to analogs. SCENAR is the only device naturally linked to the development of SCENAR therapy. Our imitators used the other way – some made devices aimed on particular nosologies, some announced about shorten treatment time. But SCENAR can easily replace any narrow-specialized device. Concerning the statements of new simplified methods of treatment, which allows shortening of treatment sessions – these are marketing techniques that contradicts the reality. If you do not want to learn the complex methods – don’t do so, SCENAR can surely remove pain by using simple ones. If you want to treat serious diseases, our certified trainers and decades of experience in SCENAR therapy are at your service.

Why your devices still do not have build-in batteries like in cell phones?

Because we have already been through all those mistakes our competitors are making. You may wonder, but very first SCENARs with build-in accumulators were created by RITM OKB ZAO thirty years ago, in the year of 1987. These were two modifications of SCENAR-033 – one had a build-in accumulator and another had solar battery. Why we refused it?
1.​ Imagine that you are performing an immediate treatment on your loved one, for instance, in case of a severe burn. He or she is suffering pain and you start emergency treatment on the highest energy level and have your battery discharged in 10 minutes because it was only half-charged! It will take you several hours to recharge the device. Of course, you can maintain the situation and charge the battery without waiting for it complete discharge, but that will significantly shorten its life, since it is optimized for certain number of cycles. To replace it, you will have to contact the manufacturer, while battery change in SCENAR will take you but minutes!
2.​ Remember how the cell phone batteries work. At first they maintain charge for a couple of days, but soon enough they need to be charged every several hours. Such accumulator can fail to support an emergency procedure, which requires high energy consumption, exactly when you rely on it. Instead, SCENAR devices with replaceable batteries work for decades. Recently we had received a service inquiry from one of our customers, who was the owner of one of the very first CHENS-01 SCENAR, manufactured in 2003. He drowned it. The device worked without a single problem for 14 years.
3.​ You finally managed to go for an outdoor vacation with your family. Something goes wrong (we know how sudden and accidental traumas can be) and there is a need for SCENAR, and the charging problem arise before you. Of course, there is portable charging devices, but, first, they needs to be charged as well. Second, they require special storage conditions. And third, this is simply way more complicated and expensive than to buy a couple of AA batteries at any local supermarket.
4.​ Right now there are serious debates regarding the allowance of lithium accumulators on board of a plane and there is yet no clue about the upcoming results of such debates. With SCENAR you will never face any boarding problems.

What is a body response?

Body response is a reaction of the body to the SCENAR application, carried out according to a certain method. During a treatment session the body ‘shows’ (by means of its feedback to the SCENAR impulse) which areas require an enhanced treatment. 
When exposed to SCENAR influence the patient’s brain optimizes the body response in order to most efficiently restore dysfunctions of the body. If you deliver the treatment according to a specified method the result is achieved fast. However, even if you just move a turned on device over the skin, the process is going well, though less efficiently.

What is a neurosignal?

Human brain perceives SCENAR impulse as a signal from its own nervous system and reacts to it appropriately. At the same time SCENAR impulse is unlike any other signal familiar to brain (warmth, cold, pain etc.). The unlikeness of the signal stimulates nervous system — that attracts brain`s attention to problem organs and tissues of the body. The brain sets in motion the progress of their recovery, stimulating simultaneously regulatory functions of the whole body.

Is SCENAR treatment comfortable?

If the treatment energy (strength) was initially set too high, it may bring discomfort during skin contact. Just decrease the energy and discomfort will become comfortable tingling. That is why you need to adjust the treatment energy carefully, slowly increasing it to the desired level.

In case of acute pain, however, the intense treatment is used, which is close to the painful threshold. In this case the treatment process may be uncomfortable. To make it less disturbing, move the electrode along the treatment zone. If that doesn’t help, just decrease the treatment energy.
Moreover, you might feel sleepy, or, instead full of energy. It is also possible for the patients to feel hot or sweaty. These are vegetative reactions of the body, which are typical for SCENAR treatment. They end fast and are the sign of the effectiveness of the procedure. Though, if such reactions are too intense, you need to stop the procedure.

How fast SCENAR helps? / How many procedures do I need?

There is no universal treatment algorithm for all situations. A lot depends on the initial state of the patient and your SCENAR skills. A single treatment session might take from 2-3 to 40 minutes.
Besides, in case of acute pain, the session time is not the main criteria – you need to work until weakening or disappearance of pain and repeat the sessions up to several times a day if needed.
 The duration of treatment course may also vary and depend on particular indications. One course might include from 5 to 20 daily sessions. Some cases might require taking several treatment courses. One treatment course lasts up to 20 minutes, in some particular cases – up to 40 minutes (for example, the treatment of particular gynecological diseases).

Do I have to learn how to use SCENAR devices?

To use any SCENAR device model, it is enough to carefully read the Operating Manual and Instructions for Use, and receive a consultation from your distributor. Moreover, there are many video guides on our website to help you.
If you purchased a professional device and willing to use it in clinical situations, that might not even be stated in the Manual, we strongly recommend you to take our training courses.

Who can use SCENAR devices?

Any adult person who purchased it. Just read the Manual and Instructions carefully. You can also consult with your distributor and watch the video guides on our YouTube channel. We also have groups on Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki. Subscribe, join our community, and we will answer all the questions, even the most complicated ones.
A quick reminder: The Manual contains warning that Aged people, children, and people with disabilities may not use the stimulator.

What is the difference between RITM-ULM and DENAS OLM blankets?

1. Materials.
The core materials used in RITM-ULM blankets and clothes are of natural origin (cotton, linen, etc.). Cotton makes the material durable, while linen threads provide for antiseptic features.
DENAS-OLM-01 blankets are mostly synthetic.
2. Screening layer.
RITM-ULM blankets use the PET-M-PE film.
The screening layer in DENAS-OLM-01 is PET.
3. Size.
All DENAS blankets are of one size (OLM-01), declared as (146 +/- 14) cm x (195 +/-19) сm.
Thus, the blankets may differ in their size by 18 %.
RITM-ULM blankets are available in 3 sizes:
OLMsml - 160 cm x 220 сm.
OLMstd - 160 cm x 110 cm.
OLMlrg – 205 cm x 220 cm.
So, the possible value of error is less than 1%.
4. Colour.
RITM-ULM blankets are light grey with dark linen threads.
DENAS blankets are dark grey.