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SCENAR webinars educational project

SCENAR therapy is an efficient treatment tool that can be used both by doctors and regular users. To help you learn about it, we launch the free educational webinars.  

SCENAR webinar is an online training course that you can attend from home, regardless of your location. All trainings take place in real time and online. During the training you can answer your questions and get answers from our competent specialists.

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What you will learn about?


  • Professional SCENAR NT device models – their possibilities, peculiarities, and treatment techniques;
  • Types of expert modes in different SCENAR device models, how they work and when they are used.
  • What is the biologically controlled feedback and SCENAR pulse;
  • All about personal use SCENAR devices – how to use them, their possibilities, and treatment techniques;
  • Why are they so different? What is the difference between SCENAR models? 
  • SCENAR Add-on electrodes;
  • RITM ULM Healing Blanket and clothes – the enhancement of SCENAR therapy;
  • Particular cases and examples of SCENAR practice. How to work with acute states, how to use anti-pain techniques, author treatment techniques of particular diseases, and many more!

What are the advantages of SCENAR webinars?


SCENAR webinar is similar to a regular RITM OKB ZAO training, but here you can get the basic knowledge you need from home;

All SCENAR webinars are FREE.

You don’t have to travel thousands of kilometers to attend our training.

What will you need?

  • Stable Internet connection;
  • Strong willingness to attend;

If you are attending SCENAR webinar for the first time, please register and fill in the contact form:

Please note!


- If you are late for the webinar, do not worry. You can connect anytime during the training session;

- You can send your questions in advance by sending us an email to or posting them in our social networks:


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