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Doctors about SCENAR

Medical doctors of different specialties use SCENAR therapy in their practice. Doctoral and master's theses were presented, a database on the positive effects of SCENAR treatment has been created, many physiological studies and clinical investigations have been carried out.

Here is what famous SCENAR therapists say: 

Yury GorfnkelYury Gorfinkel, M.D.(Taganrog, Russia)

Alex Eingorn Alex Eingorn DC, FABDA,
(New York, USA)

TatzShmuel Tatz, PT, Ph.D.
(New York, USA) 

Katie NoonanKatie Noonan
(Mexico, Mexican)

(Boston, USA) 

Tarakanov 200Dr. Alexander Tarakanov MD, PhD, Professor
(Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

SemikatovDr. Iosif SemikatovMD
(Yekaterinburg, Russia) 

LopatkoDr. Vladimir Lopatko MD
(Nizhny Tagil, Russia)

Ershova Dr. Irina Ershova MD
(Moscow, Russia) 

KylizskiyBoris Kulizhskiy
(Rostov-on-Don, Russia) 

NikushinajpgDr. Natalia Nikushina MD
(Taganrog, Russia)

Nikitin 1Dr. Constantin Nikitin MD
(Tomsk, Russia) 

LatarDr. Monique Latar, MD

JorgDr. Jörg Prinz, MD
(New Zealand)

MaarDr. Andreas Maar

UdinaDr. Carlos Udina, MD