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RITM OKB ZAO is glad to share some preliminary results of the participation in the Arab Health Exhibition (Dubai), which is the major medical and hospital equipment show in the Middle East.

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First joint conference of RITM OKB ZAO and SANED company group will take place in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) on December 14-15. The conference topic is "Biocontrolled DENAS and SCENAR electrotherapy: Professional approach and home physiotherapy".

The speakers will include the General Director of RITM OKB ZAO Yury Starovoytov, and the President of SANED company group Alexander Ryavkin.
The first conference day program include the following presentations:

- Dynamic electroneurostimulation in modern physiotherapy (speaker: OOO "Tronitek" Deputy Director for Medicine Andrei Vlasov, M.D.)
- Physiology and efficiency of SCENAR therapy (speaker: Physiologist, Psychologist, DeGAT e.V. scientific referent and RITM OKB ZAO medical researcher Boris Kulizhskiy)
Also the newest SCENAR device models will be presented.
On December 15th, during the second day, the roundtable 

For many years RITM OKB ZAO and TRONITEK LLC have been developing and manufacturing medical devices based on the electric neurostimulation principle (RITM OKB ZAO has been creating SCENAR devices which use the principle of SCENAR therapy, while TRONITEK LLC has been producing DENAS devices which use the method of DENAS therapy).

RITM OKB ZAO General director, Yury Starovoytov, and GC "SANED" President, Sergey Ryavkin


The presentations made by the representatives of RITM OKB ZAO have aroused an interest of the attendees of the International SCENAR Conference in Australia. The results of a number of scientific researches conducted by our specialists during several years were presented. 

Reports of Yury Perfiliev are popular as usual ("SCENAR therapy efficiency in combined treatment of the pain syndrome in children with cortical bone fractures", "SCENAR therapy of frequent children's diseases", "SCENAR therapy application in pediatric ophthalmology"). Authored workshops of Vladimir Lopatko attract great attention ("Application of SCENAR devices in nonradical oncology", "Syndrome approach in therapy", "Antipain algorythms", "SCENAR: contraindications and precautionary measures" and "SCENAR in cardiovascular and neurological disorders"). Boris Kulizhsky reported about "Comparison of SCENAR devices with other methods of electrotherapy" which was prepared together with Michael Unakafov and conducted workshops on "Practice of application of Dose 5 mode. Indications. Secrets of method", "Face rejuvenation with SCENAR", "SCENAR for better sports results", "Physiology and effeciency of SCENAR therpay", "Some observations of local SCENAR therapy influence on peripheral blood" and "RITM OKB ZAO news - development and future plans". The researches of RITM OKB ZAO specialists of SCENAR therapy are going on in several directions. We will keep you informed as soon as they are finished.


The Equine SCENAR team ( was manning a trade site at the Landmark Classic Campdraft & Sale in Tamworth from 4th-12th February.

 They provided free demo treatments for horses and humans on site. The participants could try out the device on any pain issues they may be having. The SCENAR team (Heather, Vera and Anna) had numerous people through the stall, trying SCENAR for the first time with pleasing results. One of the riders at the Landmark Campdraft Pete Stevenson is sponsored by RITM Australia. Not long ago (in January) he won the maiden Campdraft in Armidale. He is now taking the SCENAR logo to the streets on his competition horse truck!


The International 'SCENAR against pain' Conference in Berlin has finished. During this eventthe representatives of SCENAR society had the opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge of SCENAR therapy and its practical application in various disorders, but also to discuss all the important questions with manufacturers of SCENAR devices and leading SCENAR therapists. During the second round table discussion Irina Ershovahas addressed the questions regarding the use of the Dose 5 mode, as far as this method hadraised much interest of the attendees. Following a good, old tradition, the organizers awarded those partners who made significant contribution in development and distribution of SCENAR technology with certificates of appreciation. This was followed with the giveaway, and the luckiest participants had wonRITM OKB ZAO products.

At the end of the round table discussions RITM OKB partners have shared their view of the SCENAR technology, SCENAR business and SCENAR training courses development. We do appreciate their feedback and will do our best in order to reach the highest possible development with help of our partners.

The materials of the conference (videos and slides) would be provided within 2-3 weeks.

We would like to thank all the participants, speakers, organizers, interpreters and technical staff of the conference once again. The conference would hardly be possible without them all. 
Looking forward to seeing you at future RITM OKB ZAO events!

Photo by M.Unakafov