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This is the upgraded version of the CHANS-02-SCENAR-M personal device. The external view is the same but its functionality is extended.

The device provides screening in Mode 1 which is a combination of the D1 mode and AM:
it considerably simplifies the procedure of finding active points by placing the device within the area selected.
Mode 2 is an automatic mode (preset selection mode) which automatically adjusts the number of impulses in a batch and a gap between the impulses. It is intended for acute states treatment.
The SCENAR Basic D device can be supplied complete with a Multiple Electrode which is equipped with a fixing clamp ‘Universal lip-type seal‘ that allows fixing an electrode on any skin area.

Download the Instruction for use here

Download the Operating Manual here

Technical data:

Power supply

9V battery (6F22KG, 1604 9V)

Maximum current consumption

85 mA or less

Stimuli frequency

 60, 90 Hz



Amplitude modulation (AM) settings

3:1 (Only as a part of Mode 1)

Frequency modulation (FM) mode variation


Dosed modes

Mode 1: D1 + AM

Screening modes

Static screening (initial response range indication) available in Mode 1

Energy level tuning

1 - 250

Factory/savable user presets

1 (Mode 2) / 0


140x55x35 mm


0.2 kg