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NEW ! Interview with Dr. Shmuel Tatts

Interview with Dr. Shmuel Tatts, Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist, Clinic Owner in New York City.

Question: What problem do patients most often come to you with?

Answer: In recent years, the Covid-19 “virus king” pandemic has caused much more pain in our world. I notice that all chronic illnesses that disturbed a person are now accompanied by pain. If a person had back pain from time to time, but after he had had Covid-19, his back hurts every day. Or migraines, once a week. And after illness - every day.

Can this be compensated without drugs? Yes! The body can be tuned in the right way.

There are many musicians among my patients (Mstislav Rostropovich and Joshua Bell, Nina Ananiashvili and Diana Vishneva, Galina Vishnevskaya and Krista Ludwig, Evgeny Kissin and Lang Lang - editorial note).

Do you know why? Today there are a lot of pills that are able to kill any pain. But at what cost: loss of attention, inspiration, concentration. The artist can't afford it! Therefore, they come to me as to a doctor who helps without pills. For such cases I advise physiotherapy.

One of the great methods in her arsenal is SCENAR. As the body adapts more and more, blocking damage and pain, it disconnects the "faulty" areas from natural healing mechanisms. And SCENAR wakes up blocked areas and reconnects to it.


Elly Tomova – the General Director of RITM Australia Pty Ltd

Elly Tomova – the General Director of RITM Australia Pty Ltd.

Interview with the General Director of RITM Australia Pty Ltd. Elly Tomova in the run-up to the upcoming 40th Anniversary of RITM OKB ZAO.

1. Please tell us how you learned about SCENAR technology.

I first encountered SCENAR in 2005. A family member shared a very positive experience with SCENAR and my first thought was – Wow this is too good to be true. I started researching SCENAR technology and found it really intriguing. A portable, battery operated device, that is producing human like impulses and triggers the body’s own healing capabilities. This sounded like a science fiction to me at first. But I totally liked the idea, coming from the engineering background and being quite interested in health and wellbeing. 


Interview with Monique Latar

Monique Latar is an anesthesiologist and the Head of Department of Pain Management in a medical facility located in Dax (France). Since 2019 she has been studying the SCENAR therapy efficiency and describing the results of treatment of chronic myalgia in hands and collar areas.

Interview with Monique Latar

Q: Can you please tell us how you became a SCENAR therapist?

A: I discovered SCENAR for myself when I used its analogue to treat a ligament of an inflamed foot of one of my patients and received great, absolutely unforeseeable result.


Interview with Iosif Semikatov for RITM OKB ZAO 40-year Anniversary Journal

Interview with Iosif Semikatov for RITM OKB ZAO 40-year Anniversary Journal.

Iosif Semikatov is the doctor of general practice, cardiologist, emergency physician, and SCENAR therapist (Russia).

Dr Semikatov is one of the leading SCENAR therapists in Russia with more than 20 years of practice. He does SCENAR therapy since 1995 and provides SCENAR training courses which stay extremely popular.

1. Why did you start doing SCENAR therapy? How did it influence you?

I came to SCENAR therapy from conventional medicine. Before that, I spend many years working as an ambulance doctor. After some years I started to avoid patterns, finding individual therapy for every patient. When in 1995 I came across SCENAR technology, I realized that now I have an opportunity to provide an individual and universal approach to the therapy of different states and diagnoses of the patients.


Interview with Yury Perfilie

Dr. Yury Perfiliev MD Pediatrician, Candidate of medical science, Associate professor of Rostov State Medical University (Russia).

Dr. Perfiliev has been working with SCENAR for 15 years. According to his observations, using SCENAR in medical practice gives positive results in the treatment of various pathological states, which also refers to children.

1. Why did you start doing SCENAR therapy? How did it influence you?

I am a medical doctor raised on the principles of the classic soviet healthcare system. When I have heard about some kind of a miracle device for the first time I was quite ironic but remembered the idea. Back then I was working in Africa. When I got back to Russia, one of my friends told me that her daughter treats her patients with some fantastic machine, which raised in me even more doubts about the amazing possibilities of a small plastic box. But then my intern demonstrated me the analgesic effect of SCENAR treatment. 


Interview with Vladimir Lopatko

Dr Vladimir Lopatko MD, neurologist, SCENAR therapist and RITM OKB ZAO certified trainer (Nizhny Tagil, Russia).

Q: Why did you start to work with SCENAR? Were you unsatisfied with conventional medicine?

A: It’s not that I was unsatisfied… To be honest, I did not have much to compare with – I was unfamiliar both with the alternative medicine in general and SCENAR therapy in particular. The reason has mostly financial roots. The beginning of my career matched the impendent decline of the socialistic economy. The end of 1980s was the time of so-called “first gentle signs of capitalism”: private business, cooperatives, and so on. No wonder I had a desire to, first, run a private practice, and, second, be able to successfully treat various diseases, not only the ones related to my speciality as a neurologist.


Interview with Viktor Zadyorin

Interview with Dr. Viktor Zadyorin for RITM OKB ZAO 40th Anniversary Journal.

Dr. Viktor Zadyorin, MD is an oncologist-urologist, andrologist, sexologist, and professor of Rostov Research Institute of Oncology (Russia). He works with SCENAR for more than 20 years and has vast experience in treating acute and chronic pain in oncourological patients. He has got the practical evidence of the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects of SCENAR therapy in cancer patients.

Q: Why did you start doing SCENAR therapy? How did it influence you?

A: 30 years ago one of my colleagues told me that he uses a SCENAR device in the combined treatment, and added that it was invented in Taganrog. Soon after that, he invited me to a SCENAR therapy seminar. I asked to give me a SCENAR device for only one day. On the same day, a bee stung my wife. There was edema of about 2 centimeters in diameter with the pronounced skin redness and pain. I applied the SCENAR to the painful area, set the comfortable energy and kept for 20 minutes until the pain was completely gone. The skin restored its normal colour, the edema decreased significantly, and in the very center of it, I saw the sting itself, which I removed. That was when I said, “I believe in SCENAR”!


Interview with Ognyan Landov

Ognyan Landov is the leader of the SCENAR society in Bulgaria. Currently, he manages the SCENAR Center Bulgaria, the official Bulgarian representative of RITM OKB ZAO.

Q: When and where did you learn about SCENAR for the first time?

A: At the end of 1999 our good friend and colleague, the journalist and traveller Theodor Troyev brought the first SCENAR device from the UK and showed it to our friends – Dr. Marieta Zheleva and her husband Dr. Vasil Stanchev. Right after celebrating the new year of 2000 they came to me, showed the device and told me everything they knew about it. They also showed the British newspaper where SCENAR was called the “Russian miracle” from space medicine.

Q: How did you start to promote SCENAR therapy? Was it your hobby or understanding of perspectives?

A: I liked the treatment method very much because it is non-drug, holistic, and physiological. It is quite easy to explain the action mechanisms, so everyone can understand how it works and why it is more effective. At the same time, more and more people start to understand that medications have undesired side effects and think about a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The homoeopathy becomes more popular and many patients start to use eastern philosophies and traditions.


Interview with Dr. Irina Ershova MD

Irina Ershova is the director and head physician of Moscow SCENAR center and a SCENAR therapist with more than 20 years of experience. Spe specializes in therapy, radiology, physiotherapy, reflexotherapy, and SCENAR therapy.

Q: You were a successful doctor, what made you switch to SCENAR therapy?

A: When I graduated from Sverdlovsk Medical University I spent five years working in a large clinical hospital and made my way from an intern to the head of the admission department. That was a very good school of life which still helps me a lot. My second specialisation was roentgenology, but after eleven years of working as a roentgenologist, I started to have health problems. So the chief doctor of my hospital, Tamara Litvinova, suggested me to master the “new technologies”. That is how I discovered SCENAR therapy.

Q: When did you use SCENAR for the first time?

A: In 1996, during the training seminar organized by RITM OKB. That was when I met Yury Gorfinkel, Alexander Revenko and Yakov Grinberg. These three people had a great influence on my development as a SCENAR therapist. From the very beginning, I realized how unique this technology was. Same device, same rules, but you can treat different diseases – both acute and chronic! I became obsessed with SCENAR therapy.


Interview with Alexander Cherchago

Interview with Alexander Cherchago, one the Founding Fathers of RITM OKB ZAO, about the RISTA-EPD hardware-software complex.

Q: What is the purpose of RISTA-EPD complex?

A: The RISTA-EPD hardware-software complex was developed to provide diagnostic support to a SCENAR therapist. It allows, using the objective data, disclosing disorders in the main body organs and systems, identify the core one and determine the treatment areas pattern.

Q: It is known that SCENAR therapists can determine the treatment areas based on patients' complaints. Why complicate the treatment process with an additional diagnostic examination?

A: As evidenced in practice, treating the areas identified on the basis of objective diagnostic data provides for a faster effect comparing to the treatment of the areas identified by only verbal examination of a patient. Besides, there are situations when it is hard or even impossible to solve a problem basing only on the verbal examination. 


Interview with Dr. Boris Kulizhskiy MD

Dr Boris Kulizhskiy MD is a physiologist, psychologist, the medical researcher of RITM OKB ZAO, and the scientific referent of DEGAT e.V.

Q: How and why did you join RITM OKB ZAO?

A: I discovered the SCENAR device in 1992 when I was studying in Novocherkassk Secondary Medical School. My teacher of pediatrics Rimma Engybaryantz was using this device; she was the author of the first official pediatrics textbook that mentioned SCENAR (Pediatrics with Children Infections:Practicum, Phoenix, 2012) . Back then I did not quite understand the purpose of this device, but when my uncle Vladimir Popov, a specialist in medical electronics, found out that it was developed in RITM OKB that was a branch of Taganrog Radio Technical Institute back then, he said that it was a profound device and I should give special consideration to that.