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RITM OKB ZAO Conference in Australia


The presentations made by the representatives of RITM OKB ZAO have aroused an interest of the attendees of the International SCENAR Conference in Australia. The results of a number of scientific researches conducted by our specialists during several years were presented. 

Reports of Yury Perfiliev are popular as usual ("SCENAR therapy efficiency in combined treatment of the pain syndrome in children with cortical bone fractures", "SCENAR therapy of frequent children's diseases", "SCENAR therapy application in pediatric ophthalmology"). Authored workshops of Vladimir Lopatko attract great attention ("Application of SCENAR devices in nonradical oncology", "Syndrome approach in therapy", "Antipain algorythms", "SCENAR: contraindications and precautionary measures" and "SCENAR in cardiovascular and neurological disorders"). Boris Kulizhsky reported about "Comparison of SCENAR devices with other methods of electrotherapy" which was prepared together with Michael Unakafov and conducted workshops on "Practice of application of Dose 5 mode. Indications. Secrets of method", "Face rejuvenation with SCENAR", "SCENAR for better sports results", "Physiology and effeciency of SCENAR therpay", "Some observations of local SCENAR therapy influence on peripheral blood" and "RITM OKB ZAO news - development and future plans". The researches of RITM OKB ZAO specialists of SCENAR therapy are going on in several directions. We will keep you informed as soon as they are finished.