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To the attention of all those interested in SCENAR technology and medical devices manufactured by RITM OKB ZAO under the trademark SCENAR!
RITM OKB ZAO was the exhibitor at the 52nd Medical Week trade fair in Baden-Baden (52. Medizinische Woche Baden-Baden) which was conducted October 31- November 4, 2018.

During the trade fair, RITM OKB employees witnessed that representatives of SCENAR Deutschland GmbH company advertised and promoted the PHYSIOKEY medical devices stating that PHYSIOKEY device operates according to SCENAR technology and is alleged to be the improved and advanced version of quasi "outdated" Russian SCENAR devices.
Since these statements made by SCENAR Deutschland GmbH are unlawful and deliberately false on the part of its management (PHYSIOKEY devices are not the upgrades of SCENAR devices model line and do not support SCENAR technology), RITM OKB ZAO announces the launch of the legal procedure in order to defend its rights and interests in German Patent and Trademark Office, in German legal institutions and, if required, in other international legal institutions.