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Treatment areas

Determine treatment areas.

To do this, divide the abdomen surface area imaginatively into equal squares with an omphalus located in the center (Fig. 7).

Treat the center of each square in IDM one time till a completed dose (for Home devices) from the left top or till an IR value appears on the display (for Professional devices).

Choose the square where it took the longest time to receive a completed dose (for Home devices) or with the biggest IR (for Professional devices) as the first treatment area. The opposite square (diagonally) will be the second treatment area.

If painful sensations appear in the stomach area, treat two upper squares; in case of gynecological diseases and pain syndrome localized in the bottom part of the abdomen, treat two bottom squares irrespective of the time period required to reach a completed dose or IR value.


4 Fig

Fig. 7

How to carry out THE ‘AbdomINAL SQUAREs’ TECHNIQUE

The distinctive feature of the Abdominal Squares technique is that it should not be completely carried out in SDM, i.e. IDM is used when selecting treatment areas (see item 5.1).

After treatment areas are selected, treat them in SDM or IDM as areas of complaint projection (see section 2.4 hereof).